IARCS Verification Seminar Series

02 Apr 2024 Azadeh Farzan Coarser Equivalences for Causal Concurrency Video
19 Mar 2024 Suman Sadhukhan Bidding Games on Graphs - In theory and in practice Slides Video
23 Jan 2024 Thejaswini Raghavan Solving Rabin games using Colourful Universal Trees Video
28 Nov 2023 Madhusudan Parthasarathy Learning Logical Expressions Video
10 Oct 2023 Subhajit Roy Analysis of incomplete programs via Proof Engines and Fuzzing Slides Video
14 Sep 2023 Supratik Chakraborty Synthesizing Pareto-Optimal Interpretations for Black-Box ML Models Slides Video
11 Jul 2023 Shaz Qadeer Verification of Concurrent Programs with Civl Slides Video
20 Jun 2023 Kishor Jothimurugan Specification-Guided Reinforcement Learning Slides Video
17 Apr 2023 Sharon Shoham Buchbinder SAT-Based Invariant Inference and Its Relation to Concept Learning Slides Video
14 Mar 2023 Markus Kuppe TLA+: The Tools, The Language, and The Application Slides Video
07 Feb 2023 Krishna S Verification of Concurrent Programs under Release Acquire -- Part II Slides Video
03 Jan 2023 Umang Mathur Dynamic Data Race Prediction: Fundamentals and Advances Slides Video
06 Dec 2022 Krishna S Verification of Concurrent Programs under Release Acquire -- Part I Slides Video
01 Nov 2022 Shibashis Guha A Game of Pawns Slides Video
04 Oct 2022 Mahesh Viswanathan On Linear Time Decidability of Differential Privacy for Programs with Unbounded Inputs Slides Video
06 Sep 2022 Subodh Sharma Exploiting partial orders and symmetries in efficient analysis of message-passing concurrency Slides Video
02 Aug 2022 S. Akshay Boolean functional synthesis: A view from theory and practice Video
07 Jun 2022 Aarti Gupta Formal Verification of Distributed Network Control Planes Slides Video
10 May 2022 Aseem Rastogi Proof-oriented Programming in F* Slides
05 Apr 2022 Nathanaël Fijalkow Scaling Neural Program Synthesis with Distribution-based Search Slides Video
01 Mar 2022 Peter Schrammel Parallel Bug-finding in Concurrent Programs via Reduced Interleaving Instances Slides Video
01 Feb 2022 Ramanathan Thinniyam Context-bounded liveness verification of multithreaded shared-memory programs Slides Video
04 Jan 2022 Rohan Bavishi Program Synthesis for Data Science Slides Video
07 Dec 2021 Ranjit Jhala Refinement Types for Secure Web Applications Slides Video
02 Nov 2021 Lucas Cordeiro Exploiting the SAT/SMT Revolution for Automated Software Verification Slides Video
05 Oct 2021 Suguman Bansal Reactive synthesis from Quantitative Constraints: An Automata Approach Slides Video
07 Sep 2021 Sorav Bansal Automatic BlackBox Equivalence Checking Slides
04 Aug 2021 Grigory Fedyukovich Constrained Horn Clauses for Verification and Synthesis Slides Video