Formal Methods Update Meeting 2023: List of Speakers


Sreejith A VIIT GoaFormal methods in machine learning
Srivathsan BCMI Suffix-reading automata and their synthesis problem
Soumyadip BandyopadhyayNVidiaEquivalence checking of Programs for Translation Validation
Deepak D'SouzaIISc BangaloreSymbolic Fixpoint Algorithms for Logical LTL Games
Pranshu GabaTIFR MumbaiStochastic Window Mean-payoff Games
Alvin GeorgeIISc BangaloreVerifying Temporal Properties of Control Systems using Abstraction Refinement
Pankaj Kumar KalitaIIT KanpurProgram Synthesis beyond Programs
Pankaj Kumar KalitaIIT KanpurSynthesizing Abstract Transformer
Rajesh KumarBITS PilaniRESilience-by-DEsign (RESIDE) - a decision theoretic framework for optimal incident response and damage control using statistical model checking
Prince MathewIIT GoaOne-deterministic-counter automata
Ravindra MettaTRDDC Pune(Non-)termination checking via tests
Madhavan MukundCMIUndecidability of distributed games with causal memory
Dhruv NivetiaETH ZurichWeighted first order logic and weighted automata
Habeeb PIISc BangaloreVerification of Camera-Based Autonomous Systems
Ramchandra PhawadeIIT DharwadDecidability results for free choice time petri nets
Sumanth Prabhu STRDDC PuneWeakest Quantified Preconditions for Linear Array Programs
Suresh S. PCMIThe secrecy problem for protocols with assertions
Abhisekh SankaranTRDDC PuneFirst order Skolem function synthesis over finite structures
Rahul SharmaMicrosoft Research, BangaloreLarge language models meet program synthesis
Sanjana SinghIIT DelhiOptimal Stateless Model Checking based on View-equivalence
Saina SunnyIIT GoaDeciding edit-distance between transducers