Formal Methods Update Meeting 2021: List of Speakers


Sreejith A VIIT GoaRegular languages over countable words
Soumyadip BandyopadhyayBITS GoaTranslation Validation of Loop involving Code Optimizing Transformations using Petri Net based Models of Programs
Supratik ChakrabortyIIT BombayCounter-example guided repair in Boolean functional synthesis
Vrunda DaveIIT BombayOn the Separability Problem of String Constraints
Priyanka GoliaIIT KanpurProgram Synthesis as Dependency Quantified Modulo Theory
Shibashis GuhaTIFRMean-payoff adversarial Stackelberg games
Akash LalMicrosoft ResearchLearning-based Controlled Concurrency Testing
Missula MeghanaIIT BombayAutomated inference of production rules for glycans
Sumanth PrabhuTCS ResearchSpecification Synthesis with Constrained Horn Clauses
Govind RUniv. of Bordeaux, CMIPartial order reduction for timed systems
K V RaghavanIISc BangaloreData Flow Analysis of Asynchronous Systems using Infinite Abstract Domains
Krishna SIIT BombayVerification of Concurrent Programs under Release Acquire
Akshay SIIT BombayCan Zones be used to analyze pushdown timed automata? — a simulations-vs-equivalence story!
Rahul SharmaMicrosoft ResearchMachine Learning with 2KB RAM
Subodh SharmaIIT DelhiAnalysis of Release-Acquire Concurrency with Partial Order Domain
Akshatha ShenoyTCS ResearchProperty Directed Self Composition
Nishant SinhaOffNote LabsThe Shape of U — Befriending Tensors
Divyesh UnadkatTCS ResearchExploiting Induction and Difference Computation to Verify Array Programs