Friday, 9 July 2021
Time           SpeakerTitle
0850 - 0900Deepak D'SouzaOpening remarks
Day 1Session 1Synthesis I    (Chair: Deepak D'Souza)
0900 - 0930Sumanth PrabhuSpecification Synthesis with Constrained Horn Clauses
0930 - 1000Priyanka GoliaProgram Synthesis as Dependency Quantified Modulo Theory
Day 1Session 2Languages/Automata    (Chair: Amaldev Manuel)
1030 - 1100Akshay SCan Zones be used to analyze pushdown timed automata? — a simulations-vs-equivalence story!
1100 - 1130Sreejith A VRegular languages over countable words
Day 1Session 3Program Logics    (Chair: Shrawan Kumar)
1200 - 1230Divyesh UnadkatExploiting Induction and Difference Computation to Verify Array Programs
1230 - 1300Vrunda DaveOn the Separability Problem of String Constraints

Saturday, 10 July 2021
Day 2Session 1Synthesis II    (Chair: Madhavan Mukund)
0900 - 1000Supratik ChakrabortyCounter-example guided repair in Boolean functional synthesis
Day 2Session 2Concurrency I    (Chair: C Aiswarya)
1030 - 1100Govind RPartial order reduction for timed systems
1100 - 1130Krishna SVerification of Concurrent Programs under Release Acquire
Day 2Session 3Concurrency II    (Chair: Krishna S)
1200 - 1230Subodh SharmaAnalysis of Release-Acquire Concurrency with Partial Order Domain
1230 - 1300Akash LalLearning-based Controlled Concurrency Testing
Day 2Session 4Game Theory    (Chair: Ashutosh Gupta)
1300 - 1330Shibashis GuhaMean-payoff adversarial Stackelberg games

Sunday, 11 July 2021
Day 3Session 1Synthesis III    (Chair: Supratik Chakraborty)
0900 - 0930Missula MeghanaAutomated inference of production rules for glycans
0930 - 1000Akshatha ShenoyProperty Directed Self Composition
Day 3Session 2Program Analysis    (Chair: Sreejith A V)
1030 - 1100K V RaghavanData Flow Analysis of Asynchronous Systems using Infinite Abstract Domains
1100 - 1130Soumyadip BandyopadhyayTranslation Validation of Loop involving Code Optimizing Transformations using Petri Net based Models of Programs
Day 3Session 3Machine Learning    (Chair: R Venkatesh)
1200 - 1230Rahul SharmaMachine Learning with 2KB RAM
1230 - 1300Nishant SinhaThe Shape of U — Befriending Tensors
1300 - 1310R VenkateshClosing remarks