Formal Methods Update Meeting 2018: List of Speakers


Abdullah Abdul KhadirCMIKnowledge transfer and information leakage in protocols
S AkshayIIT BombayBoolean functional synthesis: from theory to practice
Muqsit AzeemTCS ResearchDiscovering Relational Specifications
Animesh BasakchowdhuryTCS ResearchCoverage-based Greybox fuzzing as Markov chain
Aishwarya CyriacCMIReachability in programs with gap-order constraints
Radhakrishnan DelhibabuVIT VelloreDynamics of Belief: Abduction, Horn Knowledge Base and Database Updates
Kissan DesaiGovernment College, QuepemSecurity protocols to prevent malpractices in summative examinations
Deepak DSouzaIISc BangaloreData-race Detection for interrupt-driven kernels
Narayan Kumar KrishnanCMIVerifying asynchronous programs with locks
Raveendra Kumar MTCS ResearchCoverage-based Greybox fuzzing as Markov chain
Madhavan MukundCMIVerification of blockchains and smart contracts
Anantha PadmanabhaIMScSatisfiability problem for Term modal logics
Rekha PaiIISc BangaloreData-race Detection for interrupt-driven kernels
Ramchandra PhawadeIIT DharwadFree choice nets over distributed alphabets
Sumanth PrabhuTCS ResearchSafety Proofs using Syntax and Behaviors
R RamanujamIMScLarge games and population protocols
Abhisekh SankaranIMScAlgorithmic metatheorems: a survey of results and techniques
Ashwin SrinivasanBITS Pilani, K K Birla Goa CampusLogic based system identification
Vaishnavi SundararajanCMIA theory of assertions for Dolev-Yao models
S P SureshCMIA bounded witness theorem for assertions