Formal Methods Update Meeting 2015: List of Speakers


Snigdha AthaiyaIIScEventual Consistency
Harsh BeoharUniversity of Duisburg-EssenOpen maps in concrete categories and branching bisimulation for prefix orders
Namit ChaturvediIBMAutomata Classes for Recognizable Languages of Infinite Mazurkiewicz Traces
Dharani ClementQueen Marys CollegeFilling the Three Dimensional space by Tetrahedra
Ashutosh GuptaTIFRModel Checking Gene Regulatory Networks
Sabuj Kumar JenaIIScLearning Quantified Invariants
Achutha Kiran KumarIntelEnabling Shift-Left through FV Methodologies on Intel Graphics Designs
Shrawan KumarTRDDCValue Slice: A New Slicing Concept for Scalable Property Checking
Akash LalMicrosoft ResearchDAG Inlining: A Decision Procedure for Hierarchical Programs
Kamal LodayaIMScRegular Expressions, Sequents and Admissibility of Cut
Srivas M KCMIAccelerating Program Loops: A Summary of a Few Recent Results
Kumar MadhukarTRDDCProof Spaces for Unbounded Parallelism
Suresh S PCMIThe complexity of disjunction in intuitionistic logic
Prakash SaivasanCMIVerification of concurrent recursive programs with shared memory
Prahladavaradhan SampathMathworksFormal Analysis Using MATLAB/Simulink
Nishant SinhaIBMSimplifying Web Programminig