Monday, 28 July 2014
Theory, 1
09:00-09:40B. Srivathsan (CMI)Timed and Counter Systems
09:40-10:20Kamal Lodaya (IMSc)Automata from Left and Right
Student Talks - 1
10:40-11:10Nehul Jain (IIT Bombay)Games and Realizability
11:10-11:40Shibashis Guha (IIT Delhi)Timed bisimilarity through model checking and other problems
11:40-12:10Dipak Chaudhari (IIT Bombay)Automated Theorem Prover Assisted Program Calculations
Hardware Verification
14:00-14:40Debdeep Mukhopadhyay (IIT Kharagpur)Cache Attacks on Symmetric Key Crypto-systems and their Formal Analysis
14:40-15:20Suchismita Roy (NIT Durgapur)SAT based Techniques for Routing in FPGAs
Student Talks - 2/Distributed systems
15:40-16:10Aritra Hazra (IIT Kharagpur)Formal Methods for Architectural Power Intent Verification
16:10-17:00Madhavan Mukund (CMI)Formal specification of eventually consistent data structures

Tuesday, 29 July 2014
Embedded Systems
09:00-09:40Pallab Dasgupta (IIT Kharagpur)Embedded Control Scheduling: An Automata and Language Theoretic Perspective
09:40-10:20Rajarshi Ray (NIT Meghalaya)ASAC - Automatic Sensitivity Analysis for Approximate Computing
Embedded and Hybrid systems
10:40-11:20Soumyajit Dey (IIT Kharagpur)Reliability Analysis for Unreliable Embedded Systems
11:20-11:50Antonio A. Bruto da Costa (VERIMAG, IIT KGP)Feature based abstractions and Support Function Reachability for Hybrid Automata
Software Verification/Analysis 1
14:00-14:40Nishant Sinha (IBM)Good Error Explanations = Minimal Proofs
14:40-15:20R. Venkatesh (TRDDC)From Invariant Checking to Invariant Inference Using Randomized Search
Student Talks - 3
15:40-16:10Raveendra Kumar (IISc)Static Analysis and Verification of File-Processing Programs using File Format Specifications
16:10-16:40Kunal Banerjee (IIT Kharagpur)Translation Validation using Path Based Equivalence Checkers Augmented with SMT Solvers

Wednesday, 30 July 2014
Theory and Software Systems - 2
09:00-09:40A Baskar (BITS Goa)Quantitative Information Flow Problems
09:40-10:20Astrid Kiehn (IIIT Delhi)Snapshot Algorithms for Mobile Computing Environment
10:20-11:00Kumar Madhukar (TRDDC)Sympara: Formally Verifying Synchronous Reactive Systems