Formal Methods Update Meeting 2012: List of Speakers


Deepak D'SouzaIIScProgram Analysis Techniques for Under and Over Approximations
Shibashis GuhaIIT DelhiPrebisimulation for Timed Automata
Kamal LodayaIMScVerification of Probabilistic Systems
Bastien MaubertIRISADependence Logic
Madhavan MukundCMIStatistical Model Checking
Prakash SaivasanCMIParity Games on Higher Order Push Down Systems
Gautham Shenoy RCMIConvergent/Commutative Replicated Data Types (CRDTs)
Mandayam SrivasIndependentApplication of Bounded-Model-Checking (BMC) in an Industrial Setting
S P SureshCMISelected Papers from LICS 2012